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It took a whole lotta love, 4 years worth of blood, sweat & tears and a nauseating amount of money to make our dreams come true.  Goodwin Meadows began as a late night conversation and culminated into what it is today, 22 splendid sites for guests of all ages and interests to enjoy.


Our 324 Acre setting located in the heart of  immense wilderness.  Whether you like the creaking timbers of a dark forest or the whispering breeze of the tall grass, come encounter the essence of Goodwin Meadows.  Our  fully serviced individual sites call to your inner outdoorsman, our group sites foster great conversations & the wedding venue inspires memories to cherish.

Septic hookup
Laundry Hanging
Coin Laundry
Private Fire Pits
Billiards room
Wilderness Trails
water service
50 amp service
Large private sites
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